Tracker 3

About Tracker

Tracker 3 is a powerful tool developed by me (Gabriel Sieben), a young first-year college student. Tracker 3 tracks Moodle course views and matches them to teachers. This is useful for paying teachers in MOOCs. If Ann Apple teaches 3 different courses and those courses get 16% of views on your Moodle website, you’ll know. Tracker 3 automatically collects this data and filters it into reports and charts which you can easily export to Excel, where you can use Pivot tables to get more information. Think of it as similar to Google Analytics, but built for Moodle sites and with far less creepy spying.


  • Record Course clicks
  • Sort Course clicks by Teacher and Category
  • Export views, times and dates to Excel
  • Charts
  • Easy insertion into Moodle (no Moodle plugin, no Moodle plugin review process)
  • Modern, Single Page, Easy to use User Interface
  • One-click backups
  • Tinker tool (run custom PHP scripts) – can be optionally disabled
  • Multiple users



  • Tracker (classic 1.0) was released in December 2016.
  • Tracker 3 was released on Nov 7, 2018.
  • Tracker 4 is currently in development, without an ETA.

Licensing Options

  • Self-hosting: $400/series/one-time (e.g. Tracker 3 does not have a free upgrade to Tracker 4), permanent 1 site license.
  • Hosting and management by me: $25/mo. with free upgrades to new release series, maximum 250K views per month. No SLA (average 2 minute downtime per semi-automated software update).
  • Custom improvements can be added by me for $50/hr. or added by a developer of your choice.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. 🙂

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